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You can add your resume and create a profil on the system for general application. Your resume will be kept in our pool for evaluation at possible positions. Please find the details below.

Our Open Positions

What about being a part of Hayat Kimya family, delivering our brands to consumers up to 100 countries on 5 continents? For detailed information and application, please follow below links or drop your CV.

Your resume goes throgh the preliminiray consideration process by our Talent Acquisition team and provides return to you according to the searched qualities for the relevant position.

The informations about the process is provided by our Talent Acquisition team by telephone or e-mail. You can reach our Talent Acquisition team with all your questions.

You can reach our recruitment process by clicking here.

We can not accept application for non-broadcast job advertisements. You can create a profil on the system by clicking here to be evaluated in different opportunities, you can follow our active advertisements.

Recruitements are made at different periods of the year.

Your resume is primarily evaluated for the position you apply for, but may also be evaluated in different positions appropriate to your qualifications.

Our open positions are announced simultaneously within the company, evaluated with the framework of our internal application process and rotation is possible if appropriate.