Working at Hayat

HAYAT in the World.

Working at Hayat
"Hayat Kimya operates in more than 100 countries on 5 continents and continue to strengthen its regional position and to make its brands be present. Hayat reaches millions of homes in more than 100 countries. Employs nearly 8.000 people today around the world and continues its international investments at full speed.We are devoted to carry our brands to the very top."
Aleyna Mercan - Junior Human Resources Specialist – H Generation
The time that passed at Hayat Kimya till today is a journey for me. It is a journey where I add a lot to myself, I overcome some of the difficulties, I’ve challenged myself, but most importantly, I have learnt a lot of things from very precious people and continue to learn.
I think that Hayat Kimya's sincerity and family environment make a great contribution to the efficiency I show for my own business. Starting my career in a global and entrepreneur company like Hayat Kimya is very valuable for me. Their always caring about my ideas is one of the main reasons that motivates me and gives me pleasure.
Gülşah Tellioğlu – Junior Brand Manager
Hayat Kimya is a big family. You feel like you are a part of this family on the first day of work. It is such a family that you are trying to reach the same goal with the same desire every day.
The most impressing thing at Hayat Kimya for me is the ability to change its course very fast. I am always impressed by the quick actions we take according to competition and new developments.
Özge Doğanay - Senior Brand Manager
From day one in Hayat Kimya, it has been a thrilling and exciting experience.
I am happy to be a part of the global marketing team that gives me the opportunity to be a global citizen/employee by exploring different cultures and countries.
While deciding the strategies and new products according to the dynamics of different countries, I feel proud to work in a Turkish company that conducts different markets with our global brands and to be a leader in many countries.
Çağlar Fidan - Export Area Sales Executive
On my 4-year journey in Hayat Kimya, I have been in 19 different countries ranging from Near East to Central Asia, Africa to the Middle East. Every travel had a purpose and competitors standing between us and our targets.
Though, it is sometimes hard to deliver our products to consumers in competitive markets, it is pleasing to see our products to be in right places in different regions.
Social Clubs
Employees of Hayat Kimya voluntarily gather at Social Activity Clubs where they may be active in the fields for which they are talented or in which they are interested. We support them to catch up with Hayat by providing communication, team work, work-private life balance, motivation, and an enjoyable work environment. Some of the active social clubs are as follows:
  • Theatre Clubs
  • Nature Sports Clubs
  • Travel Club
  • Sports Clubs
  • Handline Fishing Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Diving Club