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Career at Hayat
"Our accelerating success in more than 100 countries across 5 continents is fueled by our dynamic human resource who are passionate to grow."

On our globalization journey, would you like to be part of this culture?
It is aimed to prepare students for the business world and to gain experience that will direct the careers of those with a high potential.
Hayat at High School
"High school internship applications are available between March to June of every year. We host a 9-months winter internship program, to improve business skills training."

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Discover Hayat Internship Program
Discover Hayat Internship program
"Discover Hayat Internship Program We recruit junior and senior bachelor degree students every year to ""Discover Hayat Internship Programme"". Students who are admitted to this program are expected to work and present a real-life business management project at the end of this two months internship in the summer.""
All applications will be accepted on the link to be posted here
H Generation
As a preliminary condition, only the new graduates who worked for this company, completed Discover Hayat Internship Program will be considered qualified for this program.
Generation H is defined as the generation who adopted the culture, values and skills of this company and who will contribute to form Hayat Kimya’s future. The aim of this program is to recruit new graduates to increase their skills and knowledge and to enable them to see the big picture by appointing them to various positions, and to groom them as management executive candidates by introducing this company’s corporate culture to them.
New Graduates and Professionals
Start your career at Hayat - a global FMCG player - and enjoy being part of a professional, competent and dynamic global team. You can develop a competitive professional career at Hayat, with progressive experience, leveraging domestic and international job opportunities.
Recruitment Process
Our Recruitment Process includes the selection and placement of candidates who are suited to our corporate culture, basic, functional and leadership competencies.
Our Open Positions

What about being a part of Hayat Kimya family, delivering our brands to consumers up to 100 countries on 5 continents? For detailed information and application, please follow below links or drop your CV.